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About Us

CDA ACT in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization Celebrating Different Abilities through Art and Community Theater.
The focus is on providing adults with disabilities the opportunities and support necessary to excel in visual and performing arts. Actors with developmental, and physical disabilities are spotlighted in musical productions each year. For each production, actors audition for roles and are paired with rehearsal coaches, or stage shadows, who support actors with encouragement, support, coaching, and prompting during rehearsals and performances, as needed. Every year since our beginning in 2016, our actors flourish in the spotlight while realizing their dreams, gifts and talents. They are recognized by the community for their abilities rather than disabilities. CDA ACT plays an important role in helping the public to be more accepting and comfortable with those who are often overlooked, or seen as different, and we are honored to be able to spotlight our actors in quality musical productions. We welcome theater professionals interested in working on our productions, and community volunteers and sponsors who are passionate about our program and our people.


2021 Cast and Crew Out Of The Shadows Theater
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