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After my time in the Navy as a military photojournalist, I immersed myself in the civilian side of photojournalism. I studied, job shadowed, worked hard telling the stories of people who I was lucky enough to get an inside look of their lives.

This is why I do what I do. It’s also why my home has images hanging from every wall to highlight who my daughters were growing up, and who they are now. I want to always remember the 20th anniversary trip with my wife, and see myself and my girls acting goofy together. These moments are fleeting and the memories quickly fade without the images to remind us.

Through portraits and weddings, I’ve devoted a big part of my life to telling stories with my images. I take that responsibility very seriously. I want you to have something tangible that will tell your story to your children, and grandchildren, and their children. I want a family member to walk down a hallway decades from now and point to a picture and ask about that moment captured in time.


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