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About Us

Mercer Advisors grew out of need we saw from our clients. Our founder, Kendrick Mercer, started the firm as a law practice focusing on estate planning for professionals and families. He quickly learned that his clients had needs well beyond drafting of wills, trusts and estate plans. They were looking for someone who would help them make sense of their financial situation and make smart decisions that could help them live the lives of their dreams. He also learned that a firm providing those solutions and doing it under a fiduciary standard didn’t seem to exist. So in 1985, he launched Mercer Advisors as one of the country’s first, planning-focused independent registered investment advisory firms, and set out on a mission to help his clients achieve what he called Economic Freedom.

The mission and purpose of helping clients on their path to Economic Freedom is alive and well today. It thrives in the hearts and minds of our team who come to work every day thinking about how they can make their clients’ lives better.

Over the years we have opened more offices and added more team members who believe in these principles and the value of providing a set of services that take a truly holistic approach to our clients’ financial lives. From the very beginning we have held ourselves to the highest of standards to always act in our clients’ best interests. Quite simply because we believe our clients should expect and demand nothing less.